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Extending the Monastery’s welcome

For more than twenty years, San Salvador del Monte Irago has sought to be not only a place of prayer but also a place of welcome and evangelisation. Next to the Monastery, we built the Pilgrims’ Hospital in order to welcome those who wanted to take a break from their journey to rest and concentrate on their search for God.

Thanks to the donations that have helped us to support this initiative, and to the volunteers who each year have collaborated in welcoming and helping the many pilgrims who have knocked on our door, we have been able to make this welcome service a reality in our Monastery.

Indeed, St. Benedict asks us in the Holy Rule that we monks should welcome guests as if they were Christ himself, for he said that he was hungry and we fed him, especially the strangers and pilgrims who are least able.

We have started extension work at the monastery to improve our capacity to welcome pilgrims. Construction was made possible by a generous donation from Mr John Rafferty (€40,000) and Mr Wolf Jöckel (€30,000), out of a budget of €190,000. We are now half way to the completion of this building. Therefore, we dare to ask for your financial support.

Every day, at the end of every meal, we give thanks to God (of course!), for from him comes all good. But after this prayer, we always mention our benefactors, saying: May the Lord grant to our benefactors, for the earthly the heavenly, for the temporal the eternal. In this grateful prayer we include as many of you as can help us.

Our account number is:

Monasterio Benedictino San Salvador del Monte Irago

IBAN: ES77 0049 4625 7125 1633 3233


Or, if you prefer, through this link

Thank you very much, and may God repay you.