Receiving pilgrims in the Monastery

All the guests who present themselves to the Monastery are to be welcomed as Christ, for He himself will say one day: "I was a stranger, and you welcomed me".
Rule of Benedict

For those who, on their pilgrimage to Compostela, wish to make a stop on their Camino, our community offers the possibility of staying for a few days in the Pilgrim House of the Monastery. It is not a refuge, but a monastic community that wants to open its doors to pilgrims.

We ask for a minimum stay of two nights. For your stay with us we do not demand any fixed amount from you, so you do not need to feel excluded for any economic reason. But we also want to let you know that our community, as St Benedict in the Rule states "lives from the work of their hands", without any employee running the affairs of the monastery. For that reason we appreciate an economic contribution according to the possibilities of each person, to help carry the cost incurred during the stay. It depends on the work of the monks and the generosity of the guests that no one is excluded for economic reasons. We are not able to accept any type of prior reservation. Those pilgrims who want to stay, go to the monastery once they have arrived in Rabanal and talk to the hospitalero or one of the monks. The monastery receives pilgrims from the beginning of May til mid October or so.