Opening of the Pilgrim House.
April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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Merry Christmas

History always wants to suggest to us that there is no hope. But when we open our inner eyes, we discover that it is there, and it gives life.” (Pope Francis)

Dear Friends,

The year goes towards its end and our monastic community likes to wish to all of you Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Back in October have we closed our Pilgrims’ House closed after intense months of inviting and receiving a lot of pilgrims on the Way to Santiago de Compostela. Through them and through other encounters we had, we throughout this time we can confirm that there is hope, there is reconciliation, joy … new life.

Our community now enjoys winter time (albeit without snow) where stillness, silence and solitude prevail, qualities which especially belong to our monastic life-style.

A few weeks ago, a new monk joined us, Brother Leandro. Similarly as Fr. Clemente came three years ago to us from Korea to us in Rabanal, Br. Leandro too comes for some time with the intention to assist this small community in its missionary effort along the pilgrimage to Santiago.

Four monks from different continents: Asia, America, and Europe – Fr. Pius spent a great deal of his life in Africa – reflect in an extraordinary way the multiple cultures, races y origins of the pilgrims that are on the way to Santiago.

The New Year will take us all to new horizons, to new challenges, new joys and pain, new infringements and hopes … human life is always on the move.

May the Lord accompany and bless each one of the days of this New Year we are about to begin.

Merry and Blessed Christmas.