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May 6, 2021
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August 13, 2021
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Monastery constructions

Last May we started work on the extension of the Monastery. On an adjoining property that we bought some time ago, we have planned the construction of a new refectory, which will meet the limitations of our present refectory when guests come to visit.

The property adjoined our guesthouse and refectory from the south. It was an old family house, with several stables, where our last neighbours, Ursulino and Elvira, lived.

The old house had to be demolished to prepare the site on which the new refectory was to be built and the adjoining garden to complement it.

The land was then levelled and the construction of the room that will house the new refectory began.

We have closely followed the work, which has been supervised with great skill by the architect Virginia González, with whom we have a long-standing relationship of friendship and trust. Sometimes we have even had to go up to the roofs to check the details of the roofs.